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Top three scenic spots

Top three scenic spots to visit in Usu.

Introducing three must see scenic spots in Usu.

  1. Arutori Point

Arutori Point has breathtaking 360 degree panoramic views from where you can see Uchiura Bay, Mt. Komagatake and Mt. Usu.

  1. Usu Bay

Usu Bay is a paradise for water birds such as swans. You can enjoy beautiful sunsets here.

  1. Charanke Rock

Two different Ainu tribes used to live in this area. Here is the story about Charanke Rock: One day, a large whale arrived in the waters near here. The two Ainu chiefs negotiated with each other for seven days until a decision was made as to which tribe owned the whale. The chief who won the negotiation proudly stuck his chest out in victory. The chief who lost the negotiation bowed his head low in defeat. The two chiefs then turned to stone and became the rock formation known as Charanke Rock. The word “Charanke” means “negotiations” in the Ainu language.






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